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Power Flush

Power Flush - Save Money and Improve Central Heating Efficiency

Is your central heating system not working to it’s full capacity? Your home not heating up as quickly as it used to? Noisy pipes? You may also notice your radiators have cold spots or perhaps your boiler is cutting out due to 'sludge' build-up.

Power flushing can help.

Diagram showing a central heating radiator before and after powerflushPower Flushing involves flushing out ‘sludge’ which builds up in central heating systems. Power flushing your central heating system can improve overall efficiency, save you money and keep your system running in tip-top condition for longer. Over time, your central heating system can become choked with black iron oxide deposits which accumulate and can have a very negative impact on the running efficiency of your central heating system. Eventually, higher fuel use and boiler break-downs become inevitable as the system becomes more and more blocked.

How is power flushing done?

Power flushing is a simple process that can be carried out usually in a day in a normal residential property - larger buildings may take longer. To complete the process, Calder Services attached a special power flushing machine to your pump or radiators and the power flush unit will push powerful cleaning chemicals through the whole central heating system to loosen deposits and sludge. The chemicals we use to cleanse the central heating system also contain special rust inhibitors to slow down subsequent sludge build-up. The sludge is then effectively ‘trapped’ in our power flush unit and disposed of. At the end of the process, you will have a much cleaner central heating system which can return up to 25% better efficiency and circulation.

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