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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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Calder Services have always tried to save money and the environment by installing the most energy efficient heating systems and controls. With renewable energy products such as Solar Panels and Heat Pumps widely available we can now help you become even greener.

Solar Thermal Heating Systems

A solar water heating system is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy, it uses daylight energy (sunlight) to heat fluid in panels on your roof which can then be used to supply heat to your general hot water system. Solar heating panels will still work on a cloudy day and are one of the most cost effective ways to reduce your utility bills and make a positive contribution towards the environment.

Ground & Air Source Heat pumps

Heat Pumps are a very effective renewable energy solution and have 2 differing types, air source or ground source. They take heat from the air or the ground and transforming this to run your heating or hot water systems in place of a conventional boiler. Heat pumps are virtually maintenance free and typically have a life span of more than 20 years.

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Calder Services has been operating from the same village, Whalley, for over 35 years. Our reputation for quality and reliability is very important to us so we will not let you down.

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